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February 04, 2008



I sure hope you keep up this bloggin' thing!! I love seeing your work. Love the pic of you Shari!!!

Peggy Biggs

Your picture is too cute Shari! You will love your new blog so I hope you will keep it up... I don't always post on my as much as I need to, but its a fun place to keep all my crafting things I make so I love that! Glad your've joined the bloggers! hugs...

Starr Conaway

Hey Shari - Having met you, yes, you still have the same face. Just a "little" older now. ;)
Love your blog! I will add it to my fav's!

Debbie G

What a sweet picture of you Shari and yes you haven't changed much in looks!! I sure hope you keep this blog going.... It is so fun to be able to pop in and see what everyone is doing! You have done a fantastic job so far!

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